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Welcome to Nepal! NTB Adventures Pvt. Ltd is a holiday trip organizer in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We  highly specialize in trekking, tours, sightseeing, expedition and multiple adventure activities. Leading you to the hidden treasures of the world is our purpose. We are always dedicated to accommodate your trip requirements and offer you the best price.

NTB Adventure Company is a government registered adventure trekking company. The tour or trekking packages we operate are fully government authorized that ensures you to book our activities with confidence. We believe in team work so we divide our success with all the indoor and outdoor staffs. The trekking and peak climbing gears we use are fully branded and appropriate. 

NTB Adventures organizes tours and trekking activities in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We partucularly focus in adventure trekking and sightseeing tours in three Himalayan countries namely Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. 

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