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  • Kathmandu sightseeing experience

    Kathmandu sightseeing experience

    What does Kathmandu sightseeing tour offer you?? Normally tourists understand the Kathmandu tour as the sightseeing of UNESCO sites of Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is surrounded by mid hills with their heights above 2000 meters. A bit far from these hills there are Himalayan ranges in the north. On…

  • Everest Base Camp

    Everest Base Camp

    The excitements at Everest Base camp Imagine being right at the Everest base camp. I was at Everest base camp in April 2015 with a group of 6 people from Germany. I have been working as a Everest Base camp specialist guide at NTB Adventures over 3 years…

  • Chitwan National park

    Chitwan National park

    A Chitwan national park Jungle Safari Experience; August 2015 Chitwan is some 175KM (south)- West of Kathmandu and by car it takes about 5hrs. Chitwan national park covers 932Sq KM and is the habitat to Royal Bengal Tigers, one horned rhino, Elephant and numerous other wild animals, birds,…

  • Kathmandu sightseeing tours

    Kathmandu sightseeing tours

    What is Kathmandu like?? Where is its location in Nepal?? Kathmandu is located at a height of 1300 meters. It is a valley with mid hills on all four directions. When you are entering the Kathmandu valley on a plane you will see the beautiful himalayan ranges. Mostly…

  • Nepal guided tour

    Nepal guided tour

    How is NTB Adventures guided tours experiences?? When you book a guided tour or trekking activity with our team we will be with you right from the airport up on your arrival. Although it is a guided tour you will have enough free and easy private leisure time.…

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